My Rates

Invest in yourself,

work with horses

and change your life.

The first session you do with me and my horses is free. That allows us to explore what we will be working on and determine if our personalities click. If you want to try it out, just check your calendar and write to me now!

I charge the same for all of my Coaching-Sessions, whether they take place online, life or at with horses. As a result, you always have the option to do whatever works best for you.

Individual Rates

Adult single session: $90 CAD
after five sessions: $80 CAD
Child (under 16) single session: $80 CAD

after five sessions: $70 CAD

Is it really worth it? Check out the feedback I got from clients.

Group Rates

How much I charge for a group session or workshop depends on group size, session length and many other factors. So, please, contact me personally before you decide whether you can afford my services or not.

For a first idea: A basic rate for a group of 6-8 for two hours is usually around $500 CAD.

For you to consider

I do not intend to become rich on your payment. But I also do believe that a payment states a certain value that we invest into services. For what you pay me, I can give my horses a good home and my door open to other people like you.

However, if you can’t afford my rates, write down your reasons and email me. Let me know how much you think it is fair for you to pay me and you could afford. I will then carefully evaluate your case and try to meet your needs to the best of my ability.