or people you should meet

Instead of playing the Name-game, here are just a few website from people that were or are directly involved in my life or in the making of this website.

Dalarna Kattendorfer Reiterhof e.V.: What can I say… My friends, the best horses in the world, my second home, the place I miss most when I am somewhere else in the world. If you are in northern Germany and looking for a place with great people and real partnership with horses, then you should definitely find out more about them!

EAHAE: International (former European) Association for Horse Assisted Education. The people who gave Coaching with horses a name and turned it into a roof organization with a lot of enthusiasm and experience.

Erickson Coaching International: The school where I did my Coaching Qualification. Great and professional people who turned real learning into a very enjoyable experience.

International Coaching Federation: The guardians of good and reliable educations and ethics in the Coaching world.

Johannes Beck-Broichsitter: My mentor and trainer in horse- and rider development for many years. It is too bad that I am too far away now to take part in the awesome courses offered, but if you are close by, why don’t you check it out and say Hi from me!

Logomakr: Cool website that allows you to create your own logo or gives you all the professionell help you want.

Unsplash: Finally a website with professionell photos that you can just use. Thanks!

Memole: My great sister-in-law helped me to create this website. Silke doesn’t offer this service any longer, but as she is very good at a lot of things, she has started this new project. Couldn’t have done it without her!

ps: Although I generally only link website here that I think I can trust, I am not responsible for the content of the actual websites!