or people you should meet

Instead of playing the Name-game, here  are just a few website from people that were or are directly involved in my life or in the making of this website.

Dalarna Kattendorfer Reiterhof e.V.: What can I say… My friends, the best horses in the world, my second home, the place I miss most when I am somewhere else in the world. If you are in northern Germany and looking for a place with great people and real partnership with horses, then you should definitely find out more about them!

EAHAE: International (former European) Association for Horse Assisted Education. The people who gave Coaching with horses a name and turned it into a roof organization with a lot of enthusiasm and experience.

Erickson Coaching International: The school where I did my Coaching Qualification. Great and professional people who turned real learning into a very enjoyable experience.

International Coaching Federation: The guardians of good and reliable educations and ethics in the Coaching world.

Johannes Beck-Broichsitter: My mentor and trainer in horse- and rider development for many years. It is too bad that I am too far away now to take part in the awesome courses offered, but if you are close by, why don’t you check it out and say Hi from me!

Logomakr: Cool website that allows you to create your own logo or gives you all the professionell help you want.

Unsplash: Finally a website with professionell photos that you can just use. Thanks!

Website-Heldin: This is my personal website-hero! Silke offers her services to people working in the health and wellness sector and give individual support to anything to do with setting up your own website. Couldn’t have done it without her!

ps: Although I generally only link website here that I think I can trust, I am not responsible for the content of the actual websites!