or when computers make sense

Online Coaching is a great new version of Coaching that enables us to meet virtually while we can be in different time zones and even in different countries. But even if we are in the same town, it is sometimes easier to meet online than having to get to each other in person. And you don’t have to be a computer genius to handle it!

I am working with a program called webex. When we want to meet, I will send you an email with an invite. Click on it and it will automatically guide you through the downloading and to the free use of the program. If you have any problems with it, we can always get through it together via email or Skype or phone.

The idea of meeting on a computer to talk might seem strange for you to begin with (at least it was for me…), but after our first session together, you will have to agree that it is perfectly suited for Coaching. For some people it makes things even easier as you don’t feel like you have to look straight into my eyes the whole time or think I am observing you while you are thinking, feeling, talking… But even if you’d rather see me on the other end, Online-Coaching still works great!

More advantages?

  •  You can get Online-Coaching from home or even from your office in a short open time window without having to drive to an appointment.
  • You can even throw on your comfiest pants and lounge in your comfiest chair 🙂
  • No transport costs or times!
  • Automatic saving of our paperwork on your computer or within the program.
  • If you are interested, you can also record the session to listen to it later again!
  • Easier rescheduling if you have to miss an appointment or you can get coached even when you have to be at home sick or if you have to stay with a sick child or spouse.

So why don’t you try it out and ask for your free session right now?!