or what you should invest into yourself

The first session you do with me is free, as we both need to explore what we will be working on and determine if our personalities seem to click for what we are aiming to do together. Just check your calendar and write to me now!

At this point, I charge the same for all of my Coaching-Sessions, whether they take place online, life or at my barn.

3 sessions for $255 CAD
9 sessions for $720 CAD
18 sessions for $1350 CAD

If you don’t want to consider a long-term contract or a monthly rate, I charge $90 CAD per session.

For children and youth, I offer a special rate of $75 CAD. Being a parent of three myself, I know it can be hard to finance all that needs to be done. So, to get it even cheaper, here are the long-term options:

3 sessions/1 month for $210 CAD
9 sessions/ 3 months for $585 CAD
18 sessions/ 6 months for $1080 CAD

I do not intend to become rich on your payment, but I also do believe that a payment states a certain value that we invest into services. For what you pay me, I can keep my office running and my door open to other people like you.

However, if you think you have a valid case to ask for a reduction of these fees, I invite you to write it down and send it to me. Please also let me know how much you think it is fair for you to pay me and you could afford. I will carefully evaluate your case and then try to meet your needs to the best of my ability.