Horse Assisted Therapy

I am qualified to offer therapy through my education in Special Education, my Masters degree in Motology (Movement Therapy) and more than 20 years of experience.

Whoever you are and whatever you are experiencing – being with my horses will offer you a new perspective to life. Don’t turn your back on this possibility to find new ways of coping with your situation.

„Two legs move your body – four legs move your soul!“


  • are experiencing symptoms or aspects of a diagnosed or undiagnosed mental illness.
  • are looking for a therapist or an additional therapy to help you with the problems you are experiencing.
  • want to try out a different approach to therapy.


  • will be completely open to getting to know YOU – not your diagnose or your illness. Learning how to look past all that to the core of a person, is a quality highly appreciated in horses and I believe that working with them continuously has taught me more and more how to do that.
  • will discuss your situation with you, find out what you are experiencing and will inform you what, in my first opinion, Horse-assisted Therapy might help you with.
  • will structure sessions around and with my horses for you that will be specifically focused towards your situation.
  • am always open to collaborating with other professionals in the field who you are working with if that would be helpful for you or them.
  • might refer you to another professional if I feel that me and my horses cannot help you or not help you enough.

And how does that actually work with horses?