Horse Assisted Life-Coaching


which I am qualified to offer through my education and certification as a Life-Coach and my affiliation with the International Coaching Federation. In addition to that, I am an advanced Trainer in horse riding, qualified by the German Riding Federation (FN) and a member of the Horse Council BC. Coaching is simple: You tell me what you want to work on. You decide the goals you are going for. I make sure you have a good plan and we both know what you want to explore. I ask questions to get you thinking, brainstorming, feeling, imagining. You figure it out! Because you are the expert on your life, you know best which way to go – I just make sure you stay on the path and keep going. Sounds easy? It is and it really works! You:
  • want to invest into improving your life in general or certain aspects of it.
  • are open to new possibilities, fresh ideas and unique ways of finding solutions.
  • are accountable and committed to producing your results.
  • and our relationship are a resource, not an answer.
  • will help you discover your own answers.
  • do not and will not tell you what to do.
  • am committed to your success and will always follow your agenda.
  • will, at all times, maintain the highest ethical standards and diligently respect your confidentiality.
  • promise that you will receive value from our coaching relationship.