Horse Assisted Education

With all the experience and knowledge from other fields, I also became certified by the EAHAE (European Association for Horse Assisted Education) to be able to offer you the full range of educational workshops with horses.

The difference between the other two services and this one is mainly that the goal for working together is set from the outside. That can happen through the organization that sponsors the session(s) or workshop(s), by the leader of a group or by the leader of a group. For example: A group of nursing students is sponsored by the university to do a workshop revolving around the topic of building trust in nurse-patient relationships. The goal is set from the university and I create a workshop that serves that goal and implement it with the nursing students. Another example: A pastor wants his leadership team to work creatively with the idea of leadership skills in the church. So the pastor sets the goals and I develop a workshop specific to those goals and the group.


  • are either part of an organization that wishes to implement learning goals in a new, fresh way,
  • or are a private person who has a clear directive from an agency or their workplace to develop a new skill.
  • want to invest time into experiential learning as a different way of personal development or team development.


  • will listen to your ideas and goals and ensure I am hearing you correctly.
  • will develop a workshop or session(s) that are focused on your learning goals and fit with your boundaries of time and financial investment.
  • will execute a workshop or session(s) that bring your client or group closer to that goal in a way that really sinks in and doesn’t only stay on the surface of „book knowledge“.
  • will offer written and/or verbal information and feedback to you and the group before, during and after the workshop/session(s).
Team work before and after