Front Line Hero Appreciation Fundraiser

or what I am up to these days

Today I am very pleased to announce my newest project. It was one of those babies that took it’s sweet time before coming into this world, but it was worth the wait.

A few months ago a media release from the lower mainland caught my attention as it featured Horse-assisted Therapy. Valley Therapeutic Equestrian Association in Langley came up with the awesome idea of starting a fundraiser that would allow all front line workers to come to their place for a free session. My interest was guaranteed and I started pondering if that was something I could do as well.

It took me a while to get hold of VTEA, but to my pleasant surprise they were more than willing to share all the info and even the details and copyrights for their original idea, so it was clear that I had no excuses and better get to working on it. But to make it really successful, I wanted to have some bigger local partners on board. Fortunately I already had the contacts I needed, I just had to renew the connection and convince everyone to join me on this. That, of course, took a bit longer as well, but now it is done:

The Okanagan Community Foundations, the Canadian Mental Health Association and me, Lightbulb-Coaching, are coming together to start the Front Line Hero Appreciation Fundraiser.

What that means is that the Community Foundations are organizing the fundraising details, the CMHA stands in for the client side and I will be the one giving session to the sponsored front line workers. And this here is the video that explains it all much shorter and better (hopefully).

Frontline Hero Appreciation Fundraiser

So I am really looking forward to these sessions!

If you are a front line worker reading this and you would like to sign up, please simply email me here.

If you would like to nominate someone else or donate or both, click here to get to the official Community Foundation website.

Thank you so much for your interest and support!