Local Coaching

or how we can get together

Local Coaching means that you and I meet in person for our Coaching sessions. Most of the time that would be at my house in my Coaching office, but if you find it easier or better for you to talk at a coffee shop or while we are going for a walk, I am happy to find a great individual solution for both of us!

The single sessions look like this: you come in, we have a chat and a coffee or tea. When you are ready to start, we will spend some time getting clear on your goal for the session. Once we have that goal, we’ll check how that fits in with your long-term plans, with the people around you, how it is in line with your values, how you would know that you have arrived where you wanted to be and how to get there.  All of the content will come from you, while the structure, the questions and some little exercises to help you sharpen or deepen your thoughts come from me. Every now and then, I might suggest to try out a certain tool or exercise that might help with the issue that you are working on. You are always free to decide whether you want to try it out or not.

You don’t lie on a couch, you just make yourself comfortable. I don’t take hidden notes about your progress, but we will take notes together that might help you keep track of your goals and decisions.

In between our sessions, I will send you our notes via email if you like and ask you to think about your goals for the next session. You are free to email me with any questions you have or ask me to send you reminders about certain tasks that you decided to work on.

And that’s it. Sounds simple? It is and the best thing about it is that it really works!!Just send me an email and set up your first free session.