Annika and Coaching

or how Annika got into Coaching

Just lean back for a moment and try to think of a time in your life when you just felt stuck. And then, at some point, something changed and all of a sudden you had this light popping up over your head and you knew it! You knew just exactly what you wanted to do to get unstuck. And that new idea filled you with so much excitement and passion that it suddenly seems like fun and not even a chore any longer!

This is my favourite part of Coaching and of working with people. I have experienced them in teaching horseback riding, in movement therapy, in my therapeutic work with people and horses, in outdoor education, in working with parents and teachers. I have experienced them in my own life, in my hobbies, with my family and in my faith.

But Coaching was the one experience that put the dots together to a picture. Or to stay with the image:

Coaching taught me how to find the on-switch for my light bulb and explained to me how electricity makes it turn on when I use that switch.

So that is how I learnt to intentionally create those light bulb moments. For myself, while I am being coached or when I am using coaching techniques in my day-to-day struggles, and of course also when I am coaching other people. A word of warning: Once you have found that on-switch, it gets kind of addictive :))

I hope very much that you have had light bulb moments in your life and continue to have them. But if you want to find out how to actually create them, how to make them part of your daily life, to use them for achieving the goals that are at the very core of who you want to be, then don’t wait for them to happen, make them happen!

Are you surviving – or living?

Still drifting  or already exploring?

Wondering  or discovering?

Just finishing  or achieving?

I would love to accompany you on that expedition to find your own light bulb moments.

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Want to know a bit more personal information?

that is me

I am

 . a child of God . a wife . a mother of 3 gorgeous children  . a friend . part of extended families in Canada, Germany and Malawi . a lifelong learner 

. an initiator . a problem solver . creative . flexible . a big picture thinker 

. a special education teacher . qualified in adventure pedagogy . horse riding therapist . consultant for childhood development. a trainer of horses and riders . a coach

. an avid reader . a horse woman . a hobby photographer . an outdoor enthusiast . 

And finally, here are a few proofs for backing up my words:

  • Wonder how I got here? Here is a short version of my CV to let you know what I have studied to come to these conclusions.
  • You rather trust experiences than degrees? No problem. Here are a some of my favourite clients opinions about me. I would love you to become one of them and tell me what you think!
  • For info about people that have taught me important skills or partners and friends, click here!